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Amsterdam red light district showing Sint Annendwarsstraat and Trompettersteeg
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Paris red light district Rue Sant Denis


This is my family friendly look at European red light districts with a bias towards Amsterdam. There is no adult content, no pop-ups and is rated safe by Norton and others.
There is however several totally unique interactive maps with clickable hotspots linking to well over 1,000 of my own photos. The latest map links to nearly 100 virtual reality / 360° images of Amsterdam's main red light district which I took in March and May 2017. Select from thumbnails on left to begin or see below for more content.  
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Red Light District News (Janaury2018)
With no changes for several months there's nothing new to report so lets consider "Amsterdam bashing" and whether it's justified or not. A tiny number of annoying and very vocal people on the internet continue to criticise everything in the RLD. They claim it's finished and nothing but an over crowded rip off. Well I just returned from my 115th trip in 25 years and can state with hand on heart NOTHING really changes. Sure, there's a few less windows and some crappy new shops but everything I enjoyed on my first trip I enjoy now. Crowds might be slightly bigger but they were always pretty big and it's still easy to get round if you use common sense. For example the quite east side of OZV can be used to rapidly move from one end to the other. Compared to many other cities (Paris, London etc) there are very few rip-off possibilities in Amsterdam. Once again just use common sense, don't expect 2001 prices in 2017 and you will be fine. 


Window count
Amsterdam main red light district - 293 (no change)
Amsterdam Singlegebied - 64 (no change)
Amsterdam De Pijp - 41 (no change)

The new red light district planned for Utrecht is still on hold after work was stopped in early 2017.




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