Amsterdam's Red Light District: Oudekennissteeg 6

Oudekennissteeg, Amsterdam red light district (De Wallen / Walletjes / De Rosse Buurt)
Three red light windows at Oudekennissteeg 6 in Amsterdam's red light district Holland. This is on the south side of the street. You can see a number of signs in this photo. The black sign with white writing indicates there is CCTV in operation (outside not inside). The red sign on the left is telling working girls where and how they can rent these rooms with a map to the owner's main office. The larger white sign is the same and the smaller ones are to warn people not to take photos of the girls. Photographing empty rooms like this is fine. The number 6 shows the building number and the tiny red signs above each door gives the room numbers which I have repeated so they are readable lower down. There is also red writing at the top which translates to "rooms for hire" along with the main office address- Oudezijds Achterburgwal 52 (scroll down on link page) plus it's telephone number.
Photo taken January 2013.

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