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Wok to Walk

Amsterdam Restaurant Wok to Walk
Wok to Walk
Warmoesstraat 85,

I am not sure if this Asian stir fry fast food joint really qualifies as a restaurant but I don't care since it's my favourite place to eat in Amsterdam. Just order 1, 1, 6 and bung on loads of hot sauce and you won't be disappointed! Don't confuse this place with inferior copies like Wok to Go etc.
Amsterdam Restaurant Wok To walk
My standard 1,1,6 order. Yummy!!

Amsterdam Restaurant Wok To walk
This menu is outdated though similar to the current one. It gives an idea of what to expect but don't use the numbers shown to order. My 1,1,6 would be 1,1,7 on this old menu.
Photos taken January 2013.

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