Picture from George's unique interactive map of Ghent's red light district and surrounding area. Includes photos of ALL 97 red light windows and much more. Quartier rouge Gand - Royaume de Belgique, Rosse Buurt Gent (Zuidkwartier)- Koninkrijk BelgiŽ.
Pieter Vanderdoncktdoorgang consists of a regular outside street plus two covered passageways. One of those is Glazen Straatje but there is another less fancy unnamed one running into Vlaanderenstraat. Above you can see this 'other' passageway running to the left with no.14 on the corner. I have guessed at the number since there is no indication of it on the building at all. It does however have a name- Bodega. To the right is no.12 (La Caresse) which is probably part of Glazen Straatje. I took this photo on 12th January 2012.

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