Amsterdam's Red Light District: Sint Annendwarsstraat

Sint Annendwarsstraat looking towards Oudekerk, Amsterdam red light district (De Wallen / Walletjes / De Rosse Buurt). Copyright: George 2011
Sint Annendwarsstraat (Saint Anne Cross Street) in Amsterdam's red light district, Holland. This is one of the busiest areas and commonly known as the Sexy Land area after the now closed peep show and adult shop. New visitors should be aware that there is more of a touristy holiday feel here than anything seedy. Sure there are girls working in the windows but it doesn't have that backstreet dangerous feel you get in 99% of the world's red light districts. Some people even question if it is real or just a show for tourists.
Sint Annendwarsstraat runs from Oudekerksplein to Sint Annenstraat.

Older pictures and drawings of Sint Annendwarsstraat. This is embedded so it might not always work.

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